Repairing or Replacing Toilets

Many of the toilets we offer have the option of comfort height (about two inches taller than the standard height which allows it to be easier to use) and elongated or round bowl's. Where are also able to get many of our toilets in different colors.  We offer many options that are not in Hardware Stores, like Anti clogging toilets.


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Toilet Running?

If your toilet is always running, or your faucets are dripping you can be losing gallons of water in a day. You may not think it’s a big deal however leaky toilets and faucets can lead to high water usage or even rotting wood around the fixtures. Repairing a toilet is somewhat easy if it’s just the parts in the tank, but not being done right can cause even more issues. A leaky faucet could mean a gasket replacement, or the whole fixture could need replacing.

Upfront Plumbing Promise

Pullman Plumbing will be upfront and open about all aspects of your plumbing issues. If we can repair it, we will. If we think you will be better served with replacement, we’ll tell you that too. The options will be completely up to you. We will not pressure you to have work done that is not necessary at that time.