Plumbing Service & Repair

  • Leak Locating
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Water Filters and Water Treatment Systems
  • Trenchless Water Line Installation
  • Garbage Disposals and Hot Water Dispensers
  • Commercial Kitchen Repairs
  • Custom Projects and More


Need a Plumber?

Most homeowners are alarmed when they see water pooling on their basement floor, or worse yet – pouring from the ceiling. This could be something as simple as a leaking pipe, a gasket on a water filter or water treatment system, or as devastating as a broken water heater. Call the professionals at Pullman Plumbing immediately so we can find out what is causing your plumbing issues.

Plumbing Inspections

Pullman Plumbing is also certified and licensed to do plumbing inspections, commercial kitchen repairs and we’ll make sure your job meets all code restrictions in your area.

Insurance Companies' Requirement

Leak Detection Solutions

Our focus is on aiding clients in preventing the primary cause of preventable insurance claims: water damage. Additionally, we assist in conserving water loss that can occur due to leaks and outdated plumbing systems.

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Hassle free install installation

Our technicians assist from start to finish in sizing, programming, and installing smart valves, as well as any other necessary leak detection technologies insurance companies are now requiring for residential and commercial applications. As a result, most insurance companies are able to offer premium deduction

Leak Detection

Most importantly, our efforts help preserve our planet's most precious resource by conserving water. Our innovative system monitors water pressure fluctuations 240 times a second, promptly alerting homeowners of any detected leaks. By automatically shutting off the water supply, our smart water leak damage defense system can mitigate expensive damage and prevent water-related disasters.

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Commercial Plumbing

Piping - Water- Drainage

Air Lines,Commercial Process Piping, Condensate Lines. Force Mains, Lawn Sprinkler Systems, Rain Leaders, Roof Drain Piping, Sewer Mains, Waste Piping, Water Services, Water Piping, Hydronic Heat Pipe, Radiant Heating Piping, Gas Pipes, Oil Lines, Installed Replaced or Repaired.
Back Flow Preventers, Pressure Reducing Valves, Water Conditioners, Water Heater Expansion Tanks, Water Heaters, Water Meters, Installed Replaced or Repaired.