Sump Pumps

Water Powered Sump Pump

As if pouring rain isn’t bad enough, if you are a homeowner who relies on a sump pump to keep your basement dry, the shock of your power going off and that sump pump not working can be devastating. We offer Water Power Back Up. Continuous running.  No battery Maintenance, no battery changing.



Corrosion-resistant construction

Complete unit light weight, portable, and compact

Battery Powered Sump Pump

Call Pullman Plumbing to have one of our technicians give you an estimate for a battery backup sump pump before you find yourself in a situation like that. When the power goes out, a battery backup sump pump kicks into gear, keeping your basement safe and dry. This is especially helpful if you are not at home when the power goes out. No worries, you’re safe with a battery backup system.

We also offer water power back ups.

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Sump Pump

Corrosion Resistant Construction
Adjustable Float Switch for Various Liquid Levels
Light Weight, Portable and Easy to Service


Sewage Ejector Pumps


Homes, Farms, Mobile Home Parks, Motels, Schools and Hospitals, Municipal Package Systems, Industrial Treatment Systems, Dewatering Applications