Well Pumps

Public Water and Sewer Installed or Repaired

Well storage Tanks

There are still many homeowners that are not hooked up to public water and sewer. If you have a home with a well, and/or a septic system, Pullman Plumbing is qualified to work with you on any plumbing issues you may have.

We can repair or replace well pumps, water storage tanks (pressure tanks) and water lines that come into your property.  Pullman Plumbing is also qualified to repair or install hookups to Public Water and Sewer.


  • Jet pumps up to 2 hp and 28 gpm capacity submersible models up to 10 hp and 5 - 80 gpm
  • Cast iron centrifugal and self-priming pumps
  • Hydro-Pro water system tanks
  • We install Ultra Violet lights that kill 99.9% of bacteria
  • Well System Specialists


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